Easter 1987:
Mauro and Anna open the “gin bar”, a small locale on the corner of viale Ceccarini. A bar under the previous ownership, it was immediately converted into a quality sandwich and "piadina" bar with waiter service, and soon became a favourite meeting point for the young people who crowded into viale Ceccarini in search of breakfast on their way home from the discotheques.

Easter 1988: the locale changed its name and interior design and became “Frankly”, but more changed than just the name: pancakes and fast but top-quality pasta dishes were added to the menu. Over the years, the premises' furnishings and the quality of the food served were constantly upgraded to satisfy the clientele's expectations. However, the proprietors felt the need to offer something more, so they decided to buy up the other shops in the building to create a single locale occupying the whole footage available.

Easter 1998: "Frankly" reopened in modern, comfortable premises, and Mauro and Anna knew exactly what they wanted to supply. The fresh fish had to be of top quality, the meat was bought from their small family butcher, the pizzas were made by an expert pizza chef and the "piadina" (a local speciality) was still home-made from a traditional recipe. The transformation has not been an easy process, but year after year they have managed to built up an atmosphere of trust, and the clientele has grown, rewarding their efforts and commitment. The proprietors, backed up by an excellent team of kitchen staff and waiters, continue to do their job today with professionalism and expertise.